Meet Hannah – The Business Doctor

Hi! I’m Hannah Jesse, also known as the “Business Doctor.” I run a consultancy designed to make businesses healthier and more successful.

My experience across sales, customer service, and process improvement roles gives me a well-rounded perspective. I use this to take a practical and comprehensive approach to solving your business problems.

Here’s how my process works, in four key steps:

    • Immerse: Here, Hannah Jesse dedicates herself to understanding a business from the inside out. This involves diving deep into the company’s products, daily workflows, and processes to gain a comprehensive perspective of its operations.
    • Evaluate: With a full immersion complete, she then assesses the gathered information to distinguish between what’s working and what’s not. This stage is crucial for identifying inefficiencies, redundancies, or areas ripe for innovation.
    • Alleviate: Armed with insights from the evaluation phase, the Business Doctor then works to refine, revise, or altogether replace the existing processes and techniques. The aim here is to ensure the business operates as efficiently and profitably as possible, stitching together successful elements with newly designed processes.
    • Sustaininate: Recognizing the gap that often exists between implementing new processes and achieving full staff proficiency, this unique phase focuses on ongoing training, re-evaluation, and support. It’s about ensuring that improvements are not just implemented but are sustainable over time. 

    This whole process requires a two-way commitment. I call it a partnership – both me and the client need to be fully invested for it to work. My approach is hands-on and involves continuous improvement. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re open to change and serious about making your business better, then the Business Doctor is here to help!

    I don’t accept inefficiency or resistance to improvement. I see my services as a way to move forward together, not just a one-time consultation. Let’s build a healthier business together!

    Curious how your business can run more efficiently?

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