Master Your Business Focus: with Jesse Brower

Insights from Impact Master Panel with Jesse Brower

Are you struggling to determine the ultimate direction for your business? Are you dealing with problems that seem too large to handle? These are common issues for many entrepreneurs, and they are topics that were also recently addressed on an episode of the YouTube series, Impact Master Panel. In this episode, the panel, consisting of seasoned business professionals, offered invaluable advice to Jesse Brower, the owner of a solar lead generation and BPO company.

Right from the start, the panel stressed the importance of implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs) in every facet of one’s business. From onboarding training to day-to-day operations, having SOPs in place can greatly improve efficiency while minimizing room for errors.

Next, there’s the matter of creating an effective online presence. If your website lacks clarity and fails to efficiently communicate what your business offers, it could potentially deter potential clients. The panel maintained that improving Brower’s website’s branding and messaging should be his top priority.

The panel also emphasized the importance of making deliberate, strategic decisions about the direction of Brower’s business. One option would be to narrow his focus, possibly even pivoting away from his core solar business to focus on other more lucrative aspects, like debt consolidation.

Another hot topic was the significance of growth and continuous learning. The panel suggested Brower could benefit greatly from attending industry conferences. These events could provide opportunities for networking and gaining new insights, crucial elements for business growth and expansion.

Lastly, the panel introduced the concept of a “Hot Seat.” This entails entrepreneurs joining the panel in a similar discussion, tackling their specific business issues and gaining practical solutions. This, along with invitations to join their mastermind group, demonstrates the panel’s commitment to entrepreneurial growth and knowledge sharing.

Overall, the panel guided Brower—and any entrepreneur watching—to focus on their business, identify their passion, and deal with business issues head-on. With the right mindset and the proper tools, you can overcome any business obstacle and set your venture on the path to success.

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