Email Sender’s Checklist: Abide by the New Gmail and Yahoo Rules by Feb 2024

Hey Email Marketers! Big heads-up: Gmail and Yahoo Mail are tightening their belts to keep inboxes cleaner and spam-free. This means if you’re sending bulk emails, there are new hoops to jump through by February 2024.

And yes, this applies to everyone, not just Conversion Chemistry users and admins.

(I had Frank standing behind me with a glare to make sure I took care of this for our domain and AWeber account.

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead, It’s Evolving: Embrace the New Landscape

While some claim email marketing is a relic of the past, the reality is more nuanced. It’s true that tactics need to adapt to changing user habits and security protocols. But for savvy marketers who embrace these changes, email remains a powerful tool for building relationships, driving engagement, and boosting conversions.

Think of it this way: in a crowded social media landscape and an information-saturated world, email offers a direct line to a dedicated audience who has opted-in to receive your message. By following best practices like those outlined above, you ensure your emails land in inboxes, not spam folders

Three-Step Checklist to Stay on Track

Rule: Must use a custom domain in your email address. Example: Swap [email protected] for dan@tbonejones. Why? Professionalism matters. Gmail and Yahoo addresses are great for personal use, but not for your newsletter or promo emails. Authenticate Emails with Custom DKIM.

Rule: Connect your email address’s domain for custom DKIM signing. Why? DKIM is like your email’s digital ID. It proves you’re the real sender and that your email hasn’t been tampered with. Set Up a DMARC Policy

Rule: Publish a DMARC Policy for your domain as a DNS record. Why? DMARC is your email guardian. It blocks fake emails pretending to be you, keeping your email rep shiny and clean. Other Stuff to Keep in Mind

Keep Spam Complaints Low: Aim for less than 0.1% spam complaints. Always send emails to folks who actually want them and keep your content on point. Easy Unsubscribe Options: Conversion Chemistry’s got you covered here. We automatically add unsubscribe options to your emails, so it’s hassle-free for your subscribers. Key Takeaway: Better to have someone unsubscribe than mark you as spam.

Get Cracking and Reach Out for Help

Start swapping out those or addresses for something more professional, ASAP.

Grab yourself a professional domain. I prefer to use NAMESILO. For a great many reasons you can ask me about. Whatever you do – avoid GoDaddy like the plague. I have a soapbox to stand on just for the occasion of talking about that turd of a company.

And, if you’re scratching your head over any of this, just holler to [email protected].

I’m here to help you navigate these new rules like a pro.

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