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Who are we? and why should you listen to us?

Frank Garon

I’m Frank Garon, and since 1996, I’ve turned my online endeavors into a full-time income. From being over $100,000 in debt and facing bankruptcy, I transitioned from a long-haul truck-driving job to earning millions online. Along the way, I’ve guided clients to even greater success.

The internet has granted me the freedom to be present for my family, like attending all my daughter’s recitals. It’s all about knowing how to.

Hannah Jesse

Curious how your business can run more efficiently? My name is Hannah, I’m here to show you how.

As an independent sales consultant freelancer, I offer a unique set of skills and expertise to help businesses achieve their sales goals. With years of experience in the industry, I have a proven track record of increasing revenue and driving growth for my clients.

Dan Jones

I’m Dan Jones – “Jonesy” – a Serial Entrepreneur who transitioned from the confines of a 9-5 role to spearheading multiple ventures.

My professional background started with. Combining that with expertise in business development and marketing. My entrepreneurial spirit has fueled my passion for collaboration. I’m driven by leveraging technology and creativity to achieve success.

Create. Convert. Connect

Our mission

We provide entrepreneurs with an authentic blueprint for digital success. We emphasize amplifying reach, building strategic connections, and optimizing conversions, all while removing barriers to digital proficiency and maintaining authenticity for entrepreneurs of all levels.

Our Vision

To be the beacon of authentic digital mastery for entrepreneurs globally. Conversion Chemistry is dedicated to equipping every entrepreneur with genuine tools for online success, fostering digital growth and connection with authenticity.

Our methods

Authentic Digital Empowerment. We guide entrepreneurs through the digital landscape with a focus on authenticity, simplifying the journey from creation to conversion. Our approach removes barriers, making digital success accessible and genuine for entrepreneurs at every level.

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